Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Spring Cleaning

Simple cleaning alternatives are  healthier and more economical  to store-bought products. Modern cleaning chemicals can trigger headaches,allergies,and asthma and pose dangers to pets and children. A few old fashioned methods will benefit your being and dwelling considerably :

Choose natural cleaning agents :

Borax ~ removes mold & mildew,is a disinfectant,and softens water ; use with soap flakes to whiten clothes but remember to wear rubber gloves when applying.

Baking Soda ~ works as an abrasive & disinfectant to gently remove dirt and grease ; pour the contents of the old refigerator boxes down drains to freshen them and add it to other cleaners (like laundry detergents) for water softening and effective cleaning & rinsing.

Vinegar ~ disinfects,inhibits mold, and cuts through grease ; apply white vinegar to windows with old newspaper and wipe away grime with a clean shine,removes coffee & tea stains,and freshens air.

Soap ~ use biodegradable,real soap made from vegetable oils (like castille soap) and customize it with the addition of fresh herbs and/or essential oils : both add disinfecting and aromatic properties.

Fresh Floor Cleaner ~ Mix the following trio into a bucket of water : one quarter cup of environmentally-friendly liquid soap,1 cup organic vinegar ~or~ 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice,and one cup of strongly brewed herbal tea.

Vinegar Of The Four Thieves* ~ Take a generous handful each of fresh lavender,rosemary,sage,wormwood,rue,& mint : place in a large earthenware crock.Pour four quarts of organic vinegar over the herbs,cover,and steep in the sun for two weeks.Strain through cheesecloth,and pour into sterilized glass bottles : add a clove of garlic to each one.After the contents settle and clear,pour off sediment.Use as a general cleaner to freshen rooms;sprinkle about in damp weather.

 * note: this legendary plague recipe has many variations and for best efficacy should be made with Midsummer herbs (so that they are at their highest potentency).


  1. yes! this cake is all about the vanilla! you will not regret making it.

  2. FABOO!
    I heart old fashioned remedies! :D

  3. I use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning all the time. I've never tried steeping herbs in vinegar though- that sounds like something I'd like to try.