Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Those Who Wander

If you are lost without the benefit of a GPS or compass, you can use these three ways to determine which direction you are facing :

          1.)  The Watch (daytime) : this method only works when using a traditional watch with hands.Take your watch off and point the hour hand at the sun.Halfway between the end of the hour hand and the twelve o'clock is due South : hence, at 8:00 am, the halfway point is 10:00 am; while at 4:00pm, the halfway point is 2:00pm. If it's a cloudy day and you can not see the sun,  hold a pen,pencil,or small straight stick,upright on the watch dial.Unless it is very overcast, a faint shadow will be cast, so you can work out where the sun is in the sky.

           2.) The Stars (nighttime) : find the brightest star in the sky ~ one that you can easily see.Using a stick, look along its length at the star, as if you are looking down the sight of a gun, and make sure you keep as steady as you are able.Wait a minute or so for the star to move.

                  * If the star has moved left, you are looking North.
                  * If the star has moved right, you are looking South.
                  * If the star has moved up, you are looking East
                  * If the star has moved down, you are looking West.
             3.) The Stick & Shadow Method : (this takes time and only works on sunny days) : push a straight stick into the ground.Mark the end of the shadow it casts, using a small stone or rock, or by scratching a mark in the ground.Keep repeating this every hour or so ~ the place where the shadow is shortest (that is, is closest to the base of the stick) points to the North.


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