Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wishing Globes

The childhood enchantment of beholding a swirling snow globe lends itself

           to another dimension when crafted with correspondences and intention.

           First consider your objective and visualize the contents of a wishing globe.

           Craft and thrift stores sell figurines or you can prowl flea markets & yard sales.

           Glass jars can also be economically obtained from all four of these sources,

           or better yet, recycle and sterilize jam and other types of condiment jars.

           After you have chosen a ceramic or plastic central figure, select a glitter.

           It comes in many forms and colours; from seasonal themes to rainbow hues.

           Keep the purpose of your wishing globe in mind when deciding which to use.

           Other supplies you will need:
                                                             clear-drying epoxy
                                                             distilled water

            First, glue the figure onto the center of the up-turned glass jar’s lid.

            Allow it to completely dry and then fill the jar to the top with distilled water.

            Add a pinch of the glitter medium along with one half teaspoon of glycerin.

            Close the jar’s lid tightly and invert to an up-right position.

            Concentrate the intention of your wish on the figure inside the glass jar.

            Visualize the swirling positive energy working to manifest your wish there-in.

            Repeat the last two steps as a daily affirmation until you achieve your goal.

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  1. love the snow globe...i got the night owl rose at a local nursery...just because of the name....i just had to have it...

    let me know if you find is making huge rose hips right now...which i will save

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen, my friend

    kary and teddy