Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Solstice Oil Recipe

            Those who practice wort cunning know that the celebration of Midsummer is associated with growth, sunshine, and the magickal efficacy of herbs & plants. The sunny yellow flowers of Saint John's wort are a traditional  association with this potent time of year, and lend their mid-June blooms to this healing oil infusion used for treating Summer skin conditions (burns,insect bites,bruises,and inflammations) :

                                  Gather fresh St.John's wort blossoms early on a dry & sunny morn. Fill a clean
glass jar with them and then fill it to the rim with organic oil : cold-pressed olive oil, sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba,or coconut are all good choices. Cover the flowers entirely to prohibit mold growth which will spoil the preparation. Push them down to release any air bubbles from the jar. Cap the jar tightly and sit on a sunny porch or window sill for one to two weeks ; swirling occasionally. Upon the oil's attainment of a deep red coloration, strain through cheesecloth, and into another sterilized,dry jar. Store the bottled midsummer sunshine in a dark & cool place.


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