Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cup o' Sunshine Tea

Make this festive tea to quench thirst and gladden the heart. This blend is especially efficacious if made when the herbs are at the peak of their essential oil content. Use fresh-from-the-garden herbs,if possible : if not, buy organic ones at the Farmers' Market or local natural food store. It's perfect to serve in a punchbowl,into which you can float an iced ring that is graced with the leaves of the same herbs that are used in the brew :

                                                 ~ Cup o' Sunshine Tea ~

                                                    three parts lemon balm leaves
                                                    one part borage, flowers & leaves
                                                    one part chamomile leaves
                                                    one part lemon verbena leaves
                                                    one part St.John's wort leaves

                        Combine all herbs and put into a clean glass vessel. Pour boiling water over the mixture (about one cup herbal blend to one pint water ratio ; use more herbs to strengthen flavour,if desired).
Cover & steep for at least half an hour. Strain and sweeten with honey or agave syrup to taste, then pour over cups with ice & lemon wedges. Sip,savour, & smile!

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