Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Magick Brownies

 Don't be put off by the title, as this recipe can,of course, be made without the inclusion of a bewitching intention...or not.  Actually, the dark, magickal ingredient is the black coffee addition to the batter. Either way , who ever eats of these brownies will be enamoured of their creator. I have baked many batches of this quintessential, chocolate confection and so shall you, if you endeavour to try it!  Prepare a pan a day ahead of time to deepen the flavour, and use a heart-shaped cutter* to make a decadent, Valentine's Day delight!

                                Ingredients :
  •   one scant cup of King Arthur all-purpose flour 
  •   one quarter teaspoon baking soda
  •   one quarter teaspoon salt
  •   two thirds of one cup of organic cane sugar
  •   six tablespoons of butter
  •   two large eggs
  •   one twelve ounce package of Nestle, semi-sweet chocolate chips
  •   three tablespoons of cooled, black coffee
  •   one teaspoon pure vanilla extract
                                 Preparation :
  1. Preheat oven to 325*F : all ovens are calibrated differently,so adjust accordingly.           
  2. Butter a nine inch square baking pan** : set aside.
  3.             In a mixing bowl, stir together the first three dry ingredients.
  4.             In another larger bowl, add the vanilla extract to the chocolate chips.
  5.             Put butter,sugar, & coffee into a heavy-bottomed pan ; stir together til it begins to boil.
  6.             Blend the hot mixture with the chocolate chips and stir to combine well.
  7.             Add the eggs and mix thoroughly.
  8.              Stir in the flour mixture.
  9.              Spread batter into buttered baking pan.
  10.              Bake for about 30 minutes ; til just set.
  11.             Cool and cut into squares or shapes.
                      Notes :  * Dip the cookie cutters into cocoa powder before cutting out shapes,for ease of removal.
                                   ** Shiny, aluminum pans bake the most evenly : dark-coated or glass ones will over-bake this recipe. Use American-made, high-quality pans like Nordic Ware for the best results.

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  1. I am definitely printing this out. My 2 loves; coffee and chocolate!

    I also want to thank you for your never ending support on my new path to health. I am copy/pasting what you suggested as I am starting to keep a binder of all the information I receive that I feel suits me and is exactly what I'm looking for!~