Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's In Your Cupboard?

    Strengthen your mind's eye with the following exercise:

    Choose a cupboard,cabinet,or closet in your domecile : preferably one that you have not opened recently. Sit comfortably and quietly still. Picture the items that are inside and list them on a piece of paper. Recall them with as much detail as you are able. Upon completion, open the chamber to review what is actually there-in. How accurate was your visualization?

     Earlier today, I chose the double kitchen cabinet above my stove to assess. I remembered a stainless steel grater, a perculator, two Brown Betty teapots (one large,one smaller), two tea cozies (one Spode,one printed), a bundt cake pan, a steam iron, fireplace matches, a box of cookie cutters, heart ornaments, and an array of candles (votives & pillars). I had missed the mini kettle, ceramic creamer, stained glass ornament, incense cones, tiny terracotta pot, Brigid's cross, and two jar candles.

      This simple recollection technique can be used to sharpen your insight for detail and to improve your memory.

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