Saturday, September 3, 2011

Witchy Coffee

          This is the quintessential libation to enjoy during the Autumn months, or any other time that one is inclined to partake of an unusually flavoured and soul-warming cup of coffee. This beverage is made with an Italian herbal liqueur called "Strega" ("witch") that is made in the Benevento region and contains seventy herbal ingredients. Some of theses are saffron, mint, cinnamon, iris, juniper, and fennel. The traditional liqueur is redolent of minty, conifer notes and pairs well with dark roast coffee.

           To make one generous serving, you will need : 3 tablespoons of Strega liqueur, nine ounces (a little over one cup) of freshly brewed, dark roast coffee, 6 tablespoons fresh cream, and one teaspoon of dark brown sugar. Combine liqueur & coffee in a heavy-bottom saucepan ; stir in sugar, while warming over low heat. When the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the mixture into a large ceramic mug, stir in the cream, and sip slowly to savour the complex flavours. For a more artful presentation, pour the warm pan mixture into a glass goblet with a spoon set over it's top to separate the cream. Garnish the floating layer with a dusting of ground cinnamon, if desired before enjoying. Here's to the Season of the Witch!

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  1. I simply adore this recipe. I have never come across this one before and have to try it! Where can one find Strega Liqueur?